Controversial former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dies

He previously admitted using "every drug you can probably think of"

The controversial former mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has died at the age of 46.

His family say he had been fighting cancer.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said Mr Ford fought cancer 'with courage and determination':

In a statement, current Toronto mayor John Tory said Mr Ford "was a man who spoke his mind and who ran for office because of the deeply felt convictions that he had".

Mr Tory adds, "I know there are many who were affected by his gregarious nature and approach to public service".

Mr Ford previously admitted using "every drug you can probably think of".

He also blamed substance abuse for his racist outbursts - and confessed he had used cocaine, marijuana and 'magic' mushrooms - but not heroin.

"You name it, I've abused it" he said.

He refused to say how or from whom he obtained his drugs, adding "I'm not going to get into the criminal element".

He also declined to talk about the police investigation into his drug use.

He announced plans to take a leave of absence and seek help for his drug problem in May 2014.