Retired teacher suing insurance firm claims she was followed by private investigators

Bridget Majella Daly is taking action against Zurich Life Assurance for withdrawing her payments

A retired secondary school teacher claims she was followed by private investigators after taking legal action against Zurich Life Assurance.

Bridget Majella Daly from The Chase in Clonmel, Co Tipperary, is suing the company for withdrawing payments under a salary protection scheme.

In 1999, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and was forced to stop teaching a few years later.

She began receiving payments through her salary protection scheme with Zurich Life Assurance but they were stopped earlier this year.

The plaintiff retired on health grounds last month and claims she is still being denied her payments because Zurich want her to do a functional capacity test, despite a number of medical experts supporting her diagnosis.

After initiating court proceedings, the 48-year-old alleges she was put under surveillance and that private investigators followed her on school runs.

She also claims she was followed into a park by a man with a camera or some sort of viewing device.

She sought a court order today to restore her payments pending a full hearing, but Mr Justice Anthony Barr has put it back until next week to allow Zurich an opportunity to respond.