Rescue 116 wreckage lifted from ocean floor

There's still no sign of the two remaining crew members Ciaran Smith and Paul Ormsby

The wreckage of Rescue 116 has been successfully lifted from the ocean floor.

Navy divers today managed to attach straps to the fusealage and the lifting operation got underway this evening.

However, as of yet there is no sign of the two remaining missing Coast Guard crew, Ciaran Smith and Paul Ormsby. 

Earlier today, the Coast Guard attached the lifting equipment to the wreckage. They were hoping to partially raise the wreckage as part of their search for two missing crew members. 

Search & Rescue operations manager, Gerard O'Flynn, said that "Following on from a very successful [remote operated vehicle] operation overnight, navy divers were in the water this morning.

"They completed the tasks which were assigned to them in terms of securing lifting strops to the target." However, he added the weather has deteriorated considerably and they are now assessing the situation.

Yesterday, The Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) confirmed that Rescue 116's black box has shown there were no mechanical issues with the helicopter.