Reports of open Game of Thrones auditions in Dublin are "fake news"

Here's all you need to know about tomorrow's casting event...

Reports of open Game of Thrones auditions in Dublin are "fake news"

Extras Agency

Despite reports across the Irish media, The Extras Department is trying to spread the word that there is no open Games of Thrones audition in Dublin tomorrow.

"Our casting event this weekend is NOT for Game of Thrones, the casting directors won't be there, the producers won't be there. This is circulating online and it's 100% untrue ... We need to dispel a lot of fake news stories out there," the company wrote in a Facebook post.

"We are obviously delighted to be linked to this production but what is being said is misleading and false. We do not want people coming along from far and wide for this," it continued.

The Extras Department is Northern Ireland's largest extras agency and it is holding an event between 12:00 and 17:00 in Smithfield, Dublin 7, to meet locals who are interested in working as extras across multiple current and future productions.

While it has supplied extra's for HBO's Game of Thrones from its first episode to the present day - it wants to make sure that punters know that tomorrow's event is not a casting for the hit show.

Fearing long queues, the company has also invited interested parties to register their interest in extra roles by creating a profile on its website.

The casting is for people aged over 18 and you need to bring along a photocopy of your passport.

The company deducts a 15% commission from every daily rate its clients receive (20% on jobs with a daily rate of over £400). It also charges an annual registration fee of €30 when you get your first job.