"Remember when..." A look at Bertie Ahern's most memorable moments

Yellow suits, gaffes and inside a kitchen cupboard....

"Remember when..." A look at Bertie Ahern's most memorable moments

Bertie Ahern at the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin in 2014 | Image: RollingNews.ie

Bertie's back - potentially.

The Dublin Central branch of Fianna Fáil has passed a motion calling for a letter to be written to Bertie Ahern asking him to rejoin the party.

The motion was passed unanimously by all members at a meeting on Tuesday night.

Chairman of Fianna Fáil in Dublin Central Brian Mohan says the move was about 'loyalty' to the former Taoiseach.

He added that it would go some way to restoring unity to the party in the capital.

Mr Ahern officially resigned from the party in 2012 - four years after his resignation as Taoiseach - in the wake of the findings of the Mahon Tribunal.

Speaking in 2012, Mr Ahern said: "I have tendered my resignation because I do not want a debate about me to become a source of division in Fianna Fáil.

"I am a resilient person and in public life you learn to take knocks, but I am deeply wounded by this tribunal report." He added he would not accept the report findings "to my dying day".

His career has spanned some four decades. He first became involved in a 1965 Fianna Fáil by-election campaign and joined the party at the age of 17.

Bertie Ahern in 1984 | Image: RollingNews.ie

He has done a lot in that time...we look at some of his best bits.

"Never thought I'd end up here"

One of his most infamous online moments came in 2010 - from a kitchen cupboard for the News of the World.

"I played it hard"

In 2001, he appeared on RTÉ's 'The Premiership', talking about his football days.

He sat down with John Giles and Eamon Dunphy, telling them: "I played it hard - you had to in junior football to in junior football, there was no other way of doing it".

It's all from 3.13 in:

"Cribbing and moaning"

In 2007, the then-Taoiseach drew heavy criticism for his choice of words during a speech at the Biennial Delegate Conference.

He expressed surprise why those who are always moaning about their lives "don't commit suicide".

He later apologised, saying it was "a bad choice of words".

"The great President Bush"

George W Bush (right) listens to Bertie Ahern as he addresses a number of invited guests at the White House in Washington DC, 2001 | Image: RollingNews.ie

Mr Ahern spoke about the then-US President George W Bush in 2006, calling him "the great President Bush".

He was asked about US military planes using Shannon Airport during the war in Iraq - saying Mr Bush reassured him that everything was above board.

He said he told Mr Bush: "I want to be sure, to be sure, and he reassured me - couldn't do any more than that".

60th birthday bash

Sisters Georgina and Cecelia Ahern pose for photographers as they arrive for their father's Bertie Ahern's 60th birthday party at Croke Park in 2011 | Image: RollingNews.ie

In September 2011, he turned 60.

But instead of a low-key affair, he hired out Dublin's Croke Park for the event.

Guests included his former wife Miriam, Nicky Byrne, Charlie McCreevy, Yvonne Connolly and Pat Gilroy.

That suit

The G8 leaders stroll along the beach for a group photo at Sea Island, Georgia in 2004 - Bertie Ahern is cricled in red | Image: TOM HANSON AP/Press Association Images

June 2004: the G8 summit was held in the US.

Mr Ahern attended, representing the EU as Ireland held the rotating presidency.

But more than what was said, it was what was worn that drew attention.

Among the grey and black suits, Mr Ahern wore canary yellow (or is it lemon?) linen suit worn - never one to be shy...

'Upsetting the apple tart'

We all have a slip of the tongue every now and then, while Mr Ahern was no exception.

During a Dáil debate he continually referred to the Middle East road map for peace as the 'road crash for peace'.

He also spoke about not 'upsetting the apple tart' (insert: 'apple cart') and expressed the view that nobody was going to be hanged 'on the guillotine'.

He also described Temple Bar as 'Dublin's West Bank', and cautioned people about 'throwing white elephants and red herrings at each other.

As for his cúpla focail, Mr Ahern once responded to The Green Party's Trevor Sargeant in the Dáil,  telling him "Níl me muinteoir".

However the official Dáil record has diplomatically recorded it as "Níl mé i mo mhuinteoir".

Hats off to you

Bertie Ahern at the Victoria University in Melbourne in 2000 | Image: RollingNews.ie

While in Australia in 2000, he was honoured by Victoria University in Melbourne.

He received a degree of doctors of laws.

'Fall' from grace

Bertie Ahern pictured with his crutches at Trinity College Dublin in 2008 | Image: RollingNews.ie

Back in 2008, he was awarded a medal for Outstanding Achievement in Public Service from the Historical Society at Trinity College Dublin.

He was pictured with his crutches after he had fractured his leg the day before by falling down the stairs.

'Bertie Obama'

Bertie Ahern graffiti on Temple Lane in Dublin's Temple Bar in 2012 | Image: RollingNews.ie

Street artist Will St Leger created posters mocking Mr Ahern in 2012.

These were in the style of the famous Barack Obama "Hope" poster, which was run during the US election.

The posters appeared after the publication of the Mahon Tribunal report in Dublin's Temple Bar.

Additional reporting: Joseph Conroy and Shane Coleman