Reimagine Cork project brightens up the city

A community effort focused on making Cork more beautiful needs more help.

Reimagine Cork, a community effort focused on making Cork beautiful by rejuvenating laneways, urban green spaces, and derelict buildings, are looking for artists, volunteers and fundraisers to help them "reimagine the city".

The volunteer led project began in 2015 with an aim to brighten up the city and celebrate its history by decorating derelict spaces and areas that need some 'community love'. The group also aim to build a sense of pride of place and develop a stronger community spirit.

So far the group have worked with numerous individuals, artists, businesses, charities and other organisations, on projects which include painting street murals and other street art, as well as building and installing flower boxes and green spaces around the city.

The Reimagine Cork team announced plans last week to embark on 10 new community projects focused on the River Lee north channel quays, with a plan to borrow ideas from the North Bank in Paris and enhance the quay’s urban attractiveness.

In a vision plan for the quays set out on their website, Popes Quay could "be utilised for eating lunch and enjoying coffee. Free mobile libraries, outdoor games, art installations and street music could be accommodated, making the river bank a lively place to pass the time".

Cork Opera House is also on their list, with hopes to install a green, living wall with plants suitable to Ireland's climate and customised moss lettering. Their aim "will be to create a living, breathing piece of architecture for the people of Cork and visitors to enjoy".

They also hope to run workshops to share their experience and knowledge with communities from the suburbs and county towns who have expressed an interest in doing something similar in their areas.

Previous projects throughout the city have already had a positive affect in improving the city's aesthetics, with volunteers working together to show some love to forgotten spaces with bright paint and the clever use of Cork slang.


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 The group are hoping to encourage any individuals, businesses, charities, community groups or other organisations, to contact them about how they may be able to work together on any of the projects, saying that:
"Only with the continued involvement of the wider Cork community can we continue our task of making Cork an even better city for everyone".
If you have an idea for a space in Cork city that needs to be spruced up, or would like to volunteer or help in any way, visit