RTÉ hits out at anonymous Twitter account of 'long-serving producer'

It has been tweeting mainly negative opinions about the broadcaster

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Image: Nick Ansell / PA Archive/PA Images

The State broadcaster RTÉ is investigating a Twitter account, purporting to be of a producer at the organisation.

The @rtesecretpro account has been tweeting since September 7th, and has amassed over 5,500 followers on the social media site.

It has been tweeting opinions about RTÉ, at many times criticising the broadcaster.

One of the tweets says: "I'm an RTE producer, I've worked in, or in conjunction with a lot of different areas. Primarily TV. Kids, Daytime & Lifestyle, Entertainment Docs, comedy, a little radio."

"Since the recession hit a decade ago, there have been basically no promotions. The same people are in the same jobs they were in 2008", the account claims.

"When you walk in to stage 7, which is the tv production team building, the first thing you walked by, for years, was Young People's... It always was busy, bursting with the youngest, and usually most enthusiastic people in #rte. Now - the lights are off".

Another tweet says: "Getting a lot of DMs from RTE people, mostly either trying to guess who I am, or being vaguely aggressive".

Another tweet regarding innovation claims: "A lack of innovation, no one being brave. Probably has something to do with the age profile. It's like the opposite of Logan's Run- there's nobody under 30 in RTE."

Another opinion on the license fee suggests: "Someone asked me if I think the licence fee is worth it. and why. My answer is yes it is, but a lot of it is being waster."

In response to the account, RTÉ says it is "seeking to establish the identify of the individual behind the @rtesecretpro account."

"RTÉ deplores the content and intention of this account.

"It is profoundly disloyal to staff. It brings the organisation into disrepute, and in a public forum, is a disservice to all of us who work in RTÉ."

It adds: "RTÉ has comprehensive social media guidelines which must be adhered to by all staff. RTÉ has no further comment to make at this time."