Pubs to generate over €40m in sales this Good Friday, Vintners’ Federation says

This is the first Good Friday since 1927 that venues can serve alcohol

Pubs to generate over €40m in sales this Good Friday, Vintners’ Federation says

Picture by: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/PA Images

Updated: 08.50

The Vintners’ Federation of Ireland (VFI) say this Friday is "an historic day for Irish pubs".

It is first time in over 90 years that licensed venues are open and permitted to serve alcohol.

The group has welcomed legislation that allows pubs to serve alcohol on Good Friday.

It says removing the ban was about "introducing choice, both for the customer and the publican."

VFI chief executive Padraig Cribben says: "The Good Friday ban is from a different era and is rightfully consigned to history.

"Like all other businesses who were never subject to a ban, publicans now have a choice to open.

"Pubs opening on Good Friday is good news, both for publicans and their customers but also for the many tourists who visit Ireland over the Easter weekend, who in the past would find the pubs closed during a major holiday."

The VFI says the extra day's business is expected to generate over €40m in sales.

It says Good Friday will also generate over €7m in VAT and excise duty contributions to the exchequer.

Mr Cribben says the Intoxicating Liquor Bill 2017, which removed the prohibition on selling alcohol during Good Friday, reflects "Ireland’s status as a mature nation."

"The Good Friday ban was introduced a lifetime ago in 1927 and we took the view that such a piece of archaic and discriminatory legislation needed to be removed.

"Times have changed and the new law reflects this reality."