Public urged to report those they suspect are profiting from crime

There are over 300 Criminal Assets Bureau investigations currently underway in Dublin alone

The Criminal Assets Bureau is urging people to report anyone who they suspect is benefiting from crime.

The bureau investigates people who they suspect are wrongly benefiting from crime – with over 300 investigations currently underway in Dublin alone.

CAB investigators are now asking the public to report people who flaunt expensive items but don’t seem to have the income to match it.

For example, if your neighbour has a lovely home, luxury car and designer clothes - but they don’t seem to have the income to afford it all, investigators want to hear about it.

This afternoon, Detective Chief Superintendent Patrick Clavin made this appeal to the public:

“We are asking people, ‘do you suspect that somebody’s lifestyle is funded by crime?’” he said.

“’Has somebody got a Range Rover or some large vehicle?’”

“Contact CAB today so that we can make them pay and take it away.”

The appeal has led to concern in some quarters for the safety of those who are willing to come forward.

Dublin councillor Daithí de Róiste said people in local communities are often scared to come forward.

“I come from a place in Dublin called Cherry Orchard,” he said. “There are an awful lot of people that would know exactly what is going on.”

“They know all the movers, they know all the shakers; they can see somebody in the big BMW or the Range Rover.

“But getting in touch with a committee and reporting something or ringing the number or emailing – it is that little bit beyond them.”

However Detective Chief Superintendent Clavin insisted that the anonymity of anyone who comes forward is fully protected and they will never have to give evidence.

“We will take any snippet of information that you have; we will investigate it ourselves and we will bring our own case before the courts.”

It comes as senior gardaí say they believe they have stabilised the gangland feud in Dublin’s inner city which has been ongoing since the Regency Hotel shooting.

They say it hasn't completely been diffused or they don’t want to tempt fate - but they feel they are on top of the situation.