Pro-life material included with Dublin city toy shop catalogue

Banba Toymaster say this was done without their knowledge or consent

Pro-life material included with Dublin city toy shop catalogue

Image: Facebook/Mar Radford

Updated: 17.15

A Dublin city toy shop has apologised after it emerged some of their catalogues contained promotional material regarding the upcoming abortion referendum.

Banba Toymaster on Mary Street is asking parents to check catalogues for any inserts before allowing their children to browse them.

In a statement, the outlet said: "It has been reported to us that our catalogue distribution company have been distributing other material not suitable for children along with our catalogue.

"This has happened without our consent or prior knowledge."

"We apologise for any upset caused.

"PLEASE, PLEASE check the catalogue for any inserts not suitable before handing it to your child."

The toy shop said their catalogue distribution company was including the material without their consent or prior knowledge.

The material called on readers to vote no to repealing the Eighth Amendment.

Ciaran Fitzpatrick owns the shop.

He said: "Some customers made us aware and complained that some pro-life information was being included in the bundle with the catalogue.

"We immediately got in touch with the company and asked them to stop distributing our catalogue.

"The customers were concerned... the kids would grab it, and they would find some inappropriate literature for children".

"We have no allegiance to any side"

In a statement, distributor Leaflet Company Ireland Limited said: "As a distribution company we are contracted to deliver millions of leaflets for a range of different companies and politicians across Ireland.

"We have no allegiance to any side of the referendum campaign and are delivering leaflets for both sides of this debate.

"The pro-life campaign was matched with Toymaster alongside other leaflets on our booking system.

"Once we were contacted by Toymaster who expressed their concerns about the matching of these leaflets we immediately stopped the delivering of the same.

"We understand that this referendum is a sensitive topic and as a distribution company we have no allegiance to any political or likewise campaigns.

"We are unsure how the leaflets ended up inside the Banba Toymaster Catalogue as we distribute leaflets alongside others and not by insertion, as we do not have an insertion machine pre-delivery.

"We deliver multiple leaflets alongside each other and they are manually collated at the doorstep and delivered through the letterbox.

"Our distributors don’t insert leaflets inside each other and we cannot verify the individual complaint that it was inside the magazine.

"The Pro Life Group did not request to go matched with Toymaster or any other company, this was simply done by an automated planning process.
"Our customers contract us for shared distribution once they are not competing companies e.g we won’t deliver two pizza companies together.

"We apologise if anyone has being offended by this."