Primary teachers will be the first to face Lansdowne Rd 'timebomb'

INTO union says teachers' good will depleted after completing extra work for years

Updated 10.40

Primary school teachers are threatening industrial action over heavy workloads.

Their union, the INTO, says it will issue a directive on non-cooperation regarding administration work in coming days.

Members of the INTO say they will stop carrying out certain work, in protest at an increase in unpaid work demands and the ongoing ban on promotion.

The action has been agreed by an overwhelming 97% of union members.

Workplace Relations Commission Chief Kieran Mulvey says there is unrest ahead:

"Well, we're on a slow-ticking timebomb to that situation, come September, if people do not adhere to the main tenets of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement then there are implications around that.

The first group probably to face that are the teachers with the non-payment of increments and the non-payment of substitution and supervision allowance."

Emma Dineen, President of the Irish National Teachers' Organisation told us staff are tired of working for free:

"They are already doing it, but they are doing it through an awful lot of good will, through an awful lot of extra time on their own behalf.

It's not good enough.

Good will will only go so far, for so many years, but the number of initiatives that have come down upon them over the last number of years - whether it be from the Department, or from society - all of those are putting huge pressures on schools."