Pokemon Go players robbed at knifepoint

In England, three students have been robbed at knife-point while playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players robbed at knifepoint

Photo: PA Images

Pokemon Go has almost officially taken over the world, with the app already becoming more popular than Tinder. 

The game, which involves using your phone to catch Pokemon in real life locations, has been a phenomenal hit, which has seen Nintendo's share price soar amid speculation that they will soon be partnering with 'sponsored locations' in order to monetise the game even further.

Crowds of people have been spotted converging on different landmarks around the world in order to catch rare creatures, while a number of odd situations have occurred for those playing the games, from being locked in a cemetery to receiving fines for trespassing. 

However, there have been warnings for people to pay more attention to their surroundings, as a number of robberies have taken place while people play the game in public locations. Police say several people were targeted in a park in Manchester yesterday, as three students were robbed at knife-point in a public park.

Authorities have warned people to take particular care in built-up areas as a result of the reports. It follows on from other Pokemon related robberies in America, where two teenage brothers were robbed at knife-point in Lake County in Illinois. Other victims of robberies were reported in Long Island, Auburn, Baltimore County and San Francisco.