Permission granted for giant 'Trump baby' balloon to fly over London during Trump's UK visit

The US President is to travel to the UK for a 'working visit' next Friday

Permission granted for giant 'Trump baby' balloon to fly over London during Trump's UK visit

'Trump baby' balloon. Image:

Protesters have been given permission to fly a 'Trump baby' balloon near the British parliament during Donald Trump's visit to the UK next week.

President Trump is set to arrive in Britain on Friday July 13th for what has been described as a 'working visit'.

Full details of the trip have yet to be revealed, but the US President is set to hold bilateral talks with Prime Minister Theresa May.

'Stop Trump' demonstrations are being organised across the UK to coincide with the visit, with the events being described as a 'carnival of resistance'.

A mass demonstration is being planned for London, while a group of activists has been working to have a giant inflatable caricature of the US President fly in the city centre.

The 'Trump baby' is described as being a "six meter high orange, inflatable baby with a malevolent face and tiny hands".


CG image of the planned 'Trump baby' balloon. Image:

Explaining the project, activists said: "Moral outrage is water off a duck’s back to Trump, but he really seems to hate it when people make fun of him.

"So when Trump visits the UK on Friday the 13th of July this year, we want to make sure he knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him."

A crowdfunding campaign in support of the project has raised almost £17,000 (€19,000) - more than 20 times the amount organisers were looking for to fund the project.

More than 10,000 people have also signed a petition supporting the protest, after those behind the balloon said they were encountering resistance from the London mayor's office.

According to Sky News, organisers have now been granted permission to fly the balloon between 9.30am and 11.30am at Parliament Square Garden.

The permission comes with strict conditions, including that it remains tethered to the ground and is restricted from floating higher than 30 metres.

It's reported that police are satisfied with the plans for the flight, but will maintain a right of veto on the day itself.

A spokesperson for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan's office said: "The Mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms.

"His city operations team have met with the organisers and have given them permission to use Parliament Square Garden as a grounding point for the blimp."

Those behind the blimp, meanwhile, say they will take the 'Trump baby' on a 'world tour' after its flight next week, with the aim of following the US President as he visits other countries.

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