Pavarotti, the voice that lifted opera

A look at the life and voice of Luciano Pavarotti

The 1990 World Cup sparked a revived interest in opera. The BBC picked Luciano Pavarotti's rendition of Nessun Dorma as the theme music for their coverage of the tournament, piping the operatic masterpiece into millions of homes.

This coverage, coupled with a Three Tenor concert on the eve of the World Cup final, brought Pavarotti global fame. This success wouldn't come without cost or controversy though. A growing tendency to cancel performances, often with little notice, earned him the nickname "The King of Cancellations".

Further claims that he couldn't read music and had lip-synced at the Turin Winter Olympics added to the negative image of Pavarotti. Yet his charitable work, beaming smile, and sublime voice ensured his reputation as one of the world's greatest, and most beloved, singers continued to flourish.

Join Professor Patrick Geoghegan as he talks with a panel of musicians and music historians about the life and career of Luciano Pavarotti. Were the scandals blown out of proportion? Has his operatic ability been overstated? How should we remember this great man?