Pat Hickey arrives back in Ireland from Brazil

The former OCI chief says he will be undergoing 'ongoing medical treatment'

Pat Hickey arrives back in Ireland from Brazil

File photo of Pat Hickey in the National Concert Hall, Dublin | Image:

Pat Hickey has returned to Ireland after what he says were an 'extremely traumatic few months'.

The 71-year-old was arrested in Rio in August, amid allegations of ticket touting.

He arrived back in Dublin Airport Sunday evening.

In a statement released to the Irish Times, Mr Hickey said he wishes to state once again that he is 'totally innocent' of all charges against him.

"I have returned to Ireland where I will undergo ongoing medical treatment under the care of my medical consultant," Mr Hickey said.

"Once again I wish to state that I am totally innocent of all charges against me."

"I intend to adhere to any requests made by the Brazilian authorities and I will do everything possible to clear my name so that I can, in due course, get on with my life with my wife and family."