Pamela Anderson calls on Leo Varadkar to ban fur farming

It comes after Ireland announced a ban on wild animals in circuses

Pamela Anderson calls on Leo Varadkar to ban fur farming

Pamela Anderson. Picture by: Hahn Lionel/ABACA/A

Pamela Anderson has called on the Taoiseach to 'pull up his stylish socks' and ban fur farming.

The actress has penned a letter - on behalf of animal rights group PETA - to Leo Varadkar after an Irish Government ban on wild animals being used in the circus was announced.

She said she was 'thrilled' to hear the news, having previously told Enda Kenny she would "raise a glass of Guinness" with him when animal acts were banned in circuses here.

PETA is now calling on the Government to ban all fur farming, saying there are three remaining farms holding tens of thousands of minks.

In a statement, Ms Anderson said: "While I celebrate this [circus animal] victory and look forward to raising a glass of Guinness with your predecessor the next time I'm in town, I'm now looking to celebrate with you what I very much hope will be the next victory for animals: an end to fur farming in Ireland.

"I can't think of anyone more capable of creating history once again than you, Ireland's youngest and first openly gay prime minister."

She added: "Please, would you pull up those stylish socks of yours and announce a ban on fur farming in Ireland? I greatly look forward to clinking glasses with you when that happens."