Owl falls foul of wedding ring plan

The plan was for the owl to land on the arm of the best man...

Owl falls foul of wedding ring plan

Image: Facebook/Stacey Oliver Photography

One couple in England had planned the perfect wedding day, with an owl gliding down the aisle to deliver their rings.

But it did not quite go to planned, as the bird instead decided to attack one of the best men.

30-year-old Jeni Arrowsmith and her groom Mark Wood (29) watched the barn owl sweep down the church in Cheshire with two rings hanging in a pouch attached to one leg.

The plan was for the owl to land on the arm of the best man at the alter - but it had other ideas.

Another seated best man can be seen pointing at the owl, which then decided to fly straight at his face and began flapping its wings.

Some chairs went crashing a few gasps were heard in the church, but this was then followed by outbreaks of laughter from the couple and guests.

Wedding photographer Stacey Oliver captured it all.

She told The Telegraph: "The best man was was just terrified. He's absolutely petrified of anything that flies.

"I think the one wearing the glove was meant to tap on it to give the owl the signal to fly back to its handler and he was signalling to him to remind him that was what he was meant to do.

"But it just flew at him, straight at his face and he fell on the floor.

"The whole thing had started badly as the owl took a while to fly off its handler’s glove in the first place. It felt like minutes but it was probably only seconds.

"It was certainly one I will never forget."