Our political experts predict how the new Dáil will look

And it's a new world...

There is no precedence for what happened this morning in regard to the exit polls.

The national picture this morning made it look like the Labour party could get as low as four seats while Fine Gael took a slaughtering at the polls with exit polls indicating that they could be taking as low as 40 seats.

Fianna Fail have made a comeback, a significant comeback, with many analysts declaring that Martin has done better than expected at the polls.

However, the real story here is the increase in support for the parties of the Left. Sinn Fein could become the largest party in opposition, the Social Democrats have done well (all leaders have been elected) and the Independents have brought in a sizable amount of the vote.

Yet, Ivan Yates this morning pointed out that the only stable option for government would be a Fianna Fail and Fine Gael coalition but is that what the people want?

By the afternoon, things had become a little clearer. Newstalk's political analyst Odran Flynn and Political Editor, Shane Coleman predicted what they think the national picture will look like.

The pair are predicting that in total, Fianna Fail will take 44 seats, Fine Gael with 54 seats, Labour with just five seats and finally Sinn Féin with 25 seats. Others are listed at 30.

They were keen to point out that despite gender quotas, only 27 women would be elected to the new Dáil, which is the same number as the outgoing Dáil. That means, in essence, the gender quota hasn't worked.

Odran Flynn said the gap of ten is just too big for the parties to agree to a coalition.

The pair also looked at where the Labour seats might fall; they're predicting that there will be five seats in the new Dáil for the party: