'I'm not sure the Taoiseach will be invited to the White House on St. Patrick's Day' - John Fitzgerald

Economist John Fitzgerald reacts to the election of Donald Trump, and talks about the economic impact it could have.

'The problem is, we don't know what Donald Trump stands for.'

Economist John Fitzgerald joined George Hook on High Noon to talk about just what sort of impact the election of Donald Trump will have on the Irish and global economy.

Fitzgerald maintained that until we get a better idea of what Trump's plans are, there is no way of knowing how the economy will react long term.

European shares fell at the opening of trade this morning.

By this afternoon, European markets were well off their earlier lows and shares in Dublin actually moved higher.

Initial indicators had suggested falls of up to 4% at the open and shares in Paris and Frankfurt were down 3% in opening trade.

Listen to the full interview with John Fitzgerald below.