Newstalk delivers on promise of #RealityCheck

We cut through the general election promises, claims and soundbites, to make #GE16 clear for you

When the General Election was called, Newstalk made a promise to the listeners and readers.

Over the course of the election, we promised to #RealityCheck the campaign and review the progress of the Election to make #GE16 clear for you.

Unlike some of the political promises we highlighted over the course of the campaign, we kept our promise to you.

Here were our (real) promises to you.

  • To cut through the general election promises, claims and sound bites, to make #GE16 clear to voters
  • To get real answers to the questions that matter.
  • Challenge convention and call out the political spin. 
  • Keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and expert, intelligent analysis from multiple perspectives. 

The truth

All of the Newstalk coverage revolved around our promise of a #RealityCheck on promises by the parties. Some of the issues we covered include the lack of concentration on Mental Health, which was firmly put on the agenda following our analysis of the party manifestos, Disability care in Ireland and the promise of the reduction of teacher to student ratios in classrooms from 27:1 to as low as 18:1.

On top of that, we costed manifestos, we drew attention to the importance of certain groups voting in the country, our reporters investigated the issues that really affect people like homelessness, business and even broadband. We pushed Ministers to answer the questions on these issues. We live checked facts during the televised debates. We crunched the numbers on the polls. We looked at funding and the growth of the Left. We featured the real people that this campaign affects. We featured people that the campaign ignored

Our reporters hit the road for the entire campaign. We featured one of the defining moments of the campaign with #Whingegate. We gave predictions for constituencies. We featured intense discussions. We took part in constituency hustings. We looked at the constituencies with the biggest fights. We featured the stories that other media organisations felt safer staying away from. We got to know the candidates. Our experts gave their opinions. We conducted research into the areas that mattered to voters. We even spent time in a car with various politicians.

We asked you to #UseYourVote and we gave you as much of the real information you needed to make that important decision. We explained the ins and outs of our voting system and what happens to your vote.

We talked about the issues that mattered to you.

We didn't hold back.

Polling Day

Polling will take place tomorrow (here's our handy guide). You can find all of the information you need on your Constituency here and all of the other information here.

We will be with you throughout the entire weekend, bringing you the latest results from constituencies, the ups and downs, the shocks and the certainties.

Join us on air at 9am with Ivan and Chris and online at The conversation continues on @ElectionNT with #RealityCheck.