New survey suggests men are more decisive than women

The research saw half of women describing themselves as 'indecisive'

Men are more decisive than women, according to a new survey.
The research carried out by Carphone Warehouse among 1,001 Irish adults examines what influences our daily life choices.
According to the research, 60% of men say they make decisions and stick to them compared to 44% of women. Just over a quarter of men (27%) say they are indecisive while 42% of women say find it hard to make a decision.
However, while it may appear on the surface that men are more decisive, clinical psychologist Dr. Eddie Murphy says it doesn’t necessarily mean they are better decision makers.
“While men say they are more decisive this doesn’t necessarily mean they tend to make better decisions," he says. "What this shows is that men tend to be more impulsive!”

First Dates

When it comes to picking the perfect partner, over a third (35%) say they are extremely picky and won’t settle for less. Women are more 'choosey' than men with 38% of women stating they are picky versus 32% of men polled.
But the biggest influence for Irish people when it comes to choosing a better half? Friends, according to a third of respondents. Meanwhile, 14% say their parents play a role in the partners they choose and 11% say a sibling has sway over their choices.
Showing how much influence our family has on our romantic life, 32% say they would allow a family member set them up on a blind date. Almost 1 in 5 say they would let their mother choose a potential suitor and this rises to 1 in 4 among those aged 18-34.  Over half (58%) say they would leave the blind date choice up to their brother or sister.
The Carphone Warehouse research also finds that when it comes to the all-important choice of where to go on a first date, women are more likely to let men choose, with over 79% opting to let a man make the choice.