New security screenings introduced on all flights into the US

The controls will apply to approximately 2,100 flights arriving daily to America from all over the world

New security screenings introduced on all flights into the US

JFK Airport in New York

New security measures brought in by the Trump administration will mean all US-bound air travellers are likely to have to provide further details at the airport before they fly.

A US government spokeswoman said the new security screening measures will apply to all flights into America from abroad.

Lisa Farbstein, spokeswoman for the US Transportation Security Administration, said the controls would apply to approximately 2,100 flights arriving daily to America.

Tougher controls

The measures are expected to be effective immediately.

Lufthansa, Emirates, Air France, Norwegian Air, Cathay Pacific and EgyptAir were among those who said they would implement tougher controls at departure desks in response to the measures.

Other airlines have yet to respond.

It is not clear exactly what all the extra checks will consist of.

Some airlines said "interviews" would be carried out and Air France said the checks would take the form of a questionnaire.

But all passengers were told to arrive earlier than they would have done to make sure they make their flight.

Travel restrictions

The warnings about the extra checks came as the US government enforced new controls on the movement of refugees and immigrants as well as the transport of technology.

Ms Farbstein said the new security measures "may include" enhanced passenger screening, heightened screening of electronics and increased security measures.

It would also include stricter security procedures around planes and in airport terminals, she said, and both US citizens and foreigners would face the same new controls.

Royal Jordanian said the new procedures would start on its flights in mid-January after US authorities granted the airline's request for a delay.

Emirates said it was starting "pre-screening interviews" at its check-in desks and boarding gates in Dubai, adding: "These measures will work in complement with the current additional screening measures conducted at the boarding gate."

Cathay Pacific said passengers heading to the US "will be subject to a short security interview" at check-in or the gates.

EgyptAir said the new measures included more detailed searches of passengers and their luggage and interviews.

Lufthansa Group, which includes Austrian Airlines, Swiss, Eurowings and several other airlines, said: "In addition to the controls of electronic devices already introduced, travellers to the USA might now also face short interviews at check-in, document check or (their) gate."

The extra restrictions come just a few months after Donald Trump's travel ban on visitors from specific countries was expanded to include people from North Korea, Venezuela and Chad.