New restrictions on Ryanair cabin baggage come into force

Passengers will have to pay for priority boarding in order to bring two bags into the cabin

From today, Ryanair passengers will only be allowed to bring ‘wheelie’ luggage into the cabin if they have paid for priority boarding.

Non-priority passengers will still be allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag – a small handbag or laptop case – free of charge.

Passengers will have to check in their larger wheelie bag at the gate before boarding the plane – or pay for priority boarding.

All passengers are still allowed to travel with two bags.

The airline has insisted the change is to reduce the number of flight delays caused by too many passengers arriving at the gate with two carry-on bags.

Ryanair spokesperson Kenny Jacobs has this advice for those travelling:

“If you have checked in a bag, that is absolutely fine,” he said.

“If you have got a wheelie bag and small bag with you, and you have not booked priority boarding, I would suggest you can just go to the gate and the bigger wheelie bag will be taken from you at the gate.

“It will be tagged, put in the hold and you will see it at your departure airport.

“If you are particular about wanting to have that with you in the cabin, you will be able to purchase priority boarding.”

Priority boarding can be purchased online for €5 at the time of booking or for €6 up to one hour before a schedule flight departure time.

The airline has said that all passengers travelling from today have been notified by email of the new carry-on bag policy.