New research finds Irish people can't locate UK cities and landmarks

13% of people could not identify London on a map

New research finds Irish people can't locate UK cities and landmarks

File photo of a European Union flag in front of Big Ben. | Image: Daniel Leal-Olivas PA Wire/PA Images

New research shows that Irish people struggle when it comes to identifying UK cities and landmarks.

Conducted on behalf of Jury's Inn, 13% of those surveyed could not correctly identify London on a map. 68% don’t know where Manchester is located, and 63% of Irish people can’t identify Glasgow. Just half knew where Welsh capital Cardiff is located (50%). 

However this may be set to improve, with many respondents UK bound over the coming months. While almost half of respondents plan to visit the UK in the next six months for a city trip/weekend break (45%), almost six in ten of these (57%) are considering making the journey in search of a bargain on the cheaper Sterling rates.

Suzanne Cannon, Group Marketing Manager at Jurys Inn, commented: "Our research shows that while Irish people have a good knowledge of London and its key attractions, they’re less familiar with the other counties in the UK. We have a lot in common with our closest neighbour, but it seems there’s a bit of familiarising to be done when it comes to our geography knowledge!”

Post-Brexit, those surveyed also said that Britain’s decision to leave the EU has changed their feelings about British people for the worse.