New app looks to ensure sexual consent in Sweden

Users can give their consent with a swipe

New app looks to ensure sexual consent in Sweden


A new law comes into force in Sweden from July 1st, which acknowledges sex without explicit consent as rape.

As the number of reported sexual offences rises there, lawmakers hope the legislation will help change attitudes and stop sexual assaults.

Now a firm has created legally binding contracts for consensual sex.

An app called LegalFling, founded by ex-lawyers and developers, wants to offer a solution.

People on the app can ask for permission and make clear what their intentions are upfront.

Users can request consent through their phones | Image:

The counterparty can either accept or decline the offer with a swipe.

Subsequently, there are more steps people can take.

In cases where people agree to taking pictures in the bedroom,they can also explicitly agree that none may be shared at anytime with anyone afterwards.

The heart means Yes, the X means No | Image:

If someone breaks the rules, the user could appeal for the penalty clause attached to the agreement - and take the other party to court.

Rick Schmitz, co-inventor of LegalFling, says: "This probably does not apply to 99.9% of the users.

"However, people should bear in mind that his could happen anyway. And that you are totally helpless when it happens".

Users can specify exactly what they consent to | Image:

He adds: "This app provides a helping hand for lawmakers."

The app is free to download for iOS and Android.