Murder witness admits lying about chihuahua row

Gardaí believe Christopher Nevin was murdered over a dispute about Chihuahua breeding

The friend of a man who was allegedly murdered in a row over a Chihuahua has admitted he lied to Gardaí about whether the victim was armed. 

Josh Turner and Wayne Cluskey, who are both from Mooretown in Ratoath, Co. Meath, deny murdering Christopher Nevin at Tailteann Road in Navan. 

Yesterday, witness Wayne Casserly told the court that he had known the victim Christopher Nevin for half his life - they were best friends, he said. 

When his cross-examination resumed today, he told the court that at around 1.20 on the afternoon of November 19th 2015, the two men were watching TV in his house when he saw the two accused pull up outside. 

He said Josh Turner knocked on the window and Christopher went out to speak to him. 

Moments later, he heard shouting coming from outside so he went out to investigate. He said both men were screaming at each other and he tried to calm them down. 

At that point, he said Wayne Cluskey got out of the car and came charging towards Christopher with an axe. 

He said a fight broke between the three of them and he was hit in the head when he tried to pull them apart. 

He said he became dazed, and when he came to the senses, his friend was lying on the ground bleeding. 

Under cross-examination, he accepted that Christopher had armed himself with a hatchet before he went outside. He said he grabbed it from just inside the front door on his way out. 

He accepted he had given Gardaí a different version of events and that he’d answered ‘no’ when it was first put to him in the witness box. 

The jury was also shown CCTV footage from a house across the road from where it all happened. 

After watching it, Mr. Casserly accepted that Wayne Cluskey was trying to pull a hatchet off Christopher and that his co-accused was standing over him swinging an axe. 

It is the prosecution’s case that Mr. Nevin was murdered over a dispute with Josh Turner over the breeding of Chihuahuas and that both Mr. Turner and Mr. Cluskey had a “joint plan” to inflict serious injury or death and were therefore part of a joint enterprise.

Both men deny the charge.