Movies are getting the TV reboot a lot in 2016

Big screen is going small this year

We're so used to cinema swiping up TV properties for big screen adaptations that it always seems a little weird when it starts to flow the other way.

Over the past week, all of the big US stations have been announcing which of their shows won't be returning, which shows have been granted leave of execution, and which newbies will be arriving on their Summer/Autumn schedules.

While some recent based-on-movies adaptations didn't do so great in the rating (both Rush Hour and Limitless were less than unmissable), on top of the list below, there's also Training Day and Cruel Intentions TV shows in the works.


Due to arrive on Fox this Autumn, the TV reboot of the initially great (followed by increasingly worse sequels) movie franchise sees Damon Wayans as the aged detective suddenly paired up with a loose cannon, here played by Clayne Crawford, an alum of CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, and NCIS: New Orleans. Maybe that helps explain why the trailer looks like a show for just another cop show, although the fact that it's directed by McG (Charlie's Angels, Terminator: Salvation) and that most of the producer's previous shows (Chuck, The 100, 666 Park Avenue) can't make it passed two seasons doesn't bode well, either.


Based on the Oscar-winning, critically adored, but mostly unseen 2010 movie, the TV show is also based on the true story of the Australian crime family The Petengills, with Ellen Barkin taking on role that won Jacki Weaver the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award. Scott Speedman (Underworld) and Shaun Hatosy (Alpha Dog) also appear, with the original movie's writer/director on board this project as Executive Producer.


Ever wondered how it was that Liam Neeson's Bryan Mills ended up with such a particular set of skills? No? Well, the new NBC show will answer that question for you anyway, with this prequel showing how he came to be recruited into the CIA, with Vikings regular Clive Standen in the lead role. We're assuming he doesn't constantly have family members taken on him from episode to episode, so it'll be more to do with him saving other kidnapped folk as the series goes on.


Alfonso Herrara (Sense8) and Ben Daniels (House Of Cards) are two very different priests dealing with the potential supernatural possession of a teenage girl, when her mother (Geena Davis) reports that something very odd is happening in her home. Up-and-coming Hollywood screenwriter Jeremy Slater is overseeing the project, and while the original is rightfully viewed as a classic, the sequels, prequels and spin-offs of the property since then have been of a varying, but constantly lesser, quality. Perhaps TV-land is the way to go for this one.


"Mom, a prostitute taught me how to twerk!"

Well, can't win them all...


In a case of perfect casting, Orange Is The New Black's Laverne Cox will play Doctor Frank N Furter in the taped, two-hour performance of the remake of the cult classic, which is due to air on Fox this October, just in time for Halloween. Cox described her version of the character as "the lovechild of Grace Jones and David Bowie", while the all-star supporting cast of Adam Lambert, Christina Milian and a rumoured return of Tim Curry fill out the ranks.