Most Europeans not looking to ditch the EU, new survey finds

It would seem Brexit will not have a domino effect across member states...

A new poll has found there's no Europe-wide desire to follow Britain out of the EU. 

The survey by WIN/Gallup International did show that voters in France, Germany, Italy and Greece think their countries are heading in the wrong direction but a massive push for Brexit-style moves is unlikely.

Almost 15,000 people were surveyed in the online poll, which has found support for the European Union remains above 60% in most of the larger member states. 

Britain is expected to trigger the process to leave the bloc in a matter of weeks. 

Some 89% of Greeks expressed discontent with their country's prospects, with 82% of French thinking the same, 79% of Italians and 62% of Germans. 

Despite this, there was only a small rise – from 33% to 36% – in the number of people across the 15 European countries surveyed (including Britain) that would vote to leave the EU.

It was revealed last week that optimism about the future of the EU is highest in Ireland, with 77% feeling optimistic about the bloc. This is way above the EU average of a 50% that the latest Standard Eurobarometer poll recorded.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn thinks British Prime Minister Theresa May is behaving like Henry VIII when it comes to the withdrawal.

In an interview with the Guardian, the UK Labour leader criticised May in a newspaper, saying that parliament needs to have a vote on the final deal.

He said:

“She cannot hide behind Henry VIII and the divine rights of the power of kings on this one.

“The idea that on something as major as this the prime minister would use the royal prerogative to bypass parliament is extraordinary – I don’t know where she’s coming from.”