Mobile game 'Candy Crush' set for live-action TV show spin-off

The once ubiquitous game will be turned into a game show on American TV

Mobile game 'Candy Crush' set for live-action TV show spin-off


In a year dominated by poorly-received sequels and reboots, the entertainment industry thought it had reached its nadir with the announcement of an animated feature film based on emojis starring James Corden. But now we know that 2016 hasn’t finished messing with us yet, with the news that CBS is to develop the mobile game Candy Crush into a live-action game show.

According to reports, Candy Crush will follow teams of two as they “use their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous, interactive game boards featuring next generation technology to conquer Candy Crush and be crowned the champions.”

The show has yet to announce a host, but the programme will be produced by Matt Kunitz, the game show guru responsible for bringing Total Wipeout to screens.

“We are huge fans of Candy Crush and, like so many other, we know the ‘rush’ of advancing to the next level of the game,” said Glenn Geller, the president of CBS Entertainment. “We’re excited to work with Lionsgate and King to adapt one of the world’s most popular and entertaining game franchises to television and make it available to its massive, passionate fan base who can watch and play along at home.”

Just as long as there are no Facebook invitations...

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