Microchip appeal as Ireland marks World Animal Day

October 4th is the feast day of the patron saint of animals

Microchip appeal as Ireland marks World Animal Day

ISPCA ambassador Rosanna Davison and Holly White with rescued pets Max and Ringo | Image: ISPCA

Irish pet owners are being reminded to neuter and micro-chip their furry friends.

The call comes as October 4th marks World Animal Day.

It is the feast day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

The ISPCA are asking all animal lovers to be responsible by ensuring their pet's welfare needs are met and also ensuring they are also neutered and micro-chipped.

ISPCA public relations manager Carmel Murray says: "Each and every one of us can make a difference to improve animal welfare and during World Animal Week, there is no better time to give animals a voice.

"They cannot speak for themselves and World Animal Week is the perfect time to celebrate the wonderful role our pets play in our lives."

ISPCA ambassador Rosanna Davison with her two dogs, Ted and Leo | Image: ISPCA

Owners are being asked to share a photograph or video of their pets online using the hashtags #GiveThemAVoice and #ISPCA.

"They cannot tell their stories themselves so we need you, our incredible animal lovers and supporters to tell their stories for them", Ms Murray added.

The ISPCA says pet owners can also help by re-homing a rescued animal, volunteering in their spare time or simply by making a donation.

The ISPCA says it relies heavily on public support enabling us to continue its work.