Michelle Obama emerges as a possible candidate for 2020 presidential run

She has been a popular First Lady

Michelle Obama emerges as a possible candidate for 2020 presidential run

First lady Michelle Obama. Image: Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP/Press Association Images

Despite Hillary Clinton's devastating defeat to Donald Trump in yesterday's presidential election, we might not have to wait long for another female presidential candidate.

The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, is being urged to consider challenging Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Mrs Obama was a visible and vocal supporter of Clinton throughout the bitter 2016 campaign. 

She has spoken eloquently in the past of the pride she has in raising her two daughters in a White House which was built by slaves.

She hoped to build on the election of first black president by paving the way for the first woman to execute orders from the Oval office.

Instead, the Democratic party is disarray. The candidate they should have nominated to challenge Trump; Bernie Sanders, is 75 years old and probably won't make another presidential bid.

Michelle Obama has the charisma and now appears to have a solid foundation should she wish to launch a bid to become America's first female president. 

Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1964, she studied at both Princeton and Harvard before becoming a lawyer. In 1988, she joined the offices of Sidley Austin and was assigned to mentor a summer intern named Barack Obama.

She left corporate law in 1991 to focus on public service and became an assistant to Chicago mayor Richard Daly. She has also worked as an executive director at the University of Chicago Hospitals. 

The senate seat for Illinois has just been filled by Democrat Tammy Duckworth and there will be no elections for congress until 2018 which limits her options politically.

Whatever course Mrs Obama decides to take, she is the standout candidate at the moment to launch a serious challenge to be back in the White House in four years time.