Medical aid charity rejects EU funding in protest against limiting migration

Médecins Sans Frontières released a statement today announcing the rejection

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Image: Massoud Hossaini / AP/Press Association Images

A medical aid charity says it is going to reject all funding from the European Union.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) says it is in protest at the EU's deal with Turkey to reduce the number of migrants heading to Europe.

The organisation believes rewarding the country for stopping illegal migration through its territory goes against the principle of helping people in need.

The decision means they will lose out on around €55 million.

It also means MSF Ireland will no longer accept any funding from the Irish Government, taking effect immediately.

Director of MSF Ireland Jane Ann McKenna says they will continue to operate as normal.

"In the immediate future MSF is going to look to there emergency reserves, to ensure that our patients do not suffer as a result of this decision," she said.

In a statement, Jerome Oberreit, the International Secretary General of MSF, said: “For months MSF has spoken out about a shameful European response focused on deterrence rather than providing people with the assistance and protection they need. 

"The EU-Turkey deal goes one step further and has placed the very concept of “refugee” and the protection it offers in danger. Is Europe’s only offer to refugees that they stay in countries they are desperate to flee? Once again, Europe’s main focus is not on how well people will be protected, but on how efficiently they are kept away," he added.