McGregor accepts plea deal at New York court

The Dubliner pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to community service

McGregor accepts plea deal at New York court

Conor McGregor

Updated 14:50

Conor McGregor has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct over his attack on a bus carrying UFC fighters in April.

The MMA star and fellow Dublin fighter Cian Cowley both accepted a plea deal at a New York court house this afternoon.

McGregor had been facing three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief.

Under the plea deal, all felony charges were dropped. They were sentenced to five days community service on the disorderly conduct charge.

The pair have also agreed to attend an anger management programme and pledged to keep the peace for a one year.

Speaking outside court this afternoon he said he was, "thankful to the DA [Kings County District Attorney] and the judge for allowing me to move forward."

"I want to say to my friends, my family, my fans - thank you for the support," he said.

The MMA star was accused of throwing a metal dolly cart through the window of a bus, carrying fellow fighters during a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) media event, in April.

McGregor was also accused of throwing a punch at "security detail."

The court also handed down a number of protection orders in favour of people who were caught up in the incident – including a number of UFC fighters.

McGregor was ordered to have no contact with them in person, by phone or online and was banned from going to where they live or work.

The court heard he has already paid restitution for the damage to the bus.

After the incident, Conor McGregor handed himself into police, was charged and then released on bail.

Last month, he attended a brief hearing in New York during which the court was told a plea was being negotiated.

Speaking outside court after the last hearing, he expressed regret for his actions.

The Dubliner arrived back at the Brooklyn court house just after 2pm this afternoon.

He declined to say anything after the sentence was handed down.