McDonald's Irish business is booming - and it's launching a 'Nutella burger'

What a time to be alive...

Ireland's love affair with fast food continued last year - McDonald's Restaurants of Ireland - the multinational's Irish franchisor has reported a 5% increase in turnover - rising to €86m.

According to its 2015 accounts, profits after tax rose by 10% to €10.4m, The Irish Times reports.

During the year the total number of McDonald's outlets that it operates grew to 77 and it employed 940 people.

The McMor - the Big Mac's Irish cousin was launched last year

Meanwhile, fans across the world have been getting food envy - a 'Nutella' burger is being launched in Italy.

The arrival of the "Sweet with Nutella" was previewed on the company's  Italian Facebook page.

It is a sweet bread with a thick Nutella filling which will be sold in its McCafes.

Italy is the home of Nutella, last month the company told Newstalk about its plans to ride-out an international hazelnut shortage (the spread's main ingredient).

Ferrero uses 25% of all of the world's hazelnuts. The chocolate spread was invented in Italy during WWII when a coca shortage led Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker from Piedmont in Italy, to create the hazelnut-based treat using just a little of the rare coca reserves.