Mater Hospital reaches milestone with robotic assisted surgeries

The hospital invested €2m in the da Vinci robot

Mater Hospital reaches milestone with robotic assisted surgeries

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The Mater Private Hospital in Dublin has performed the highest number of robotic assisted surgeries in Ireland.

The da Vinci surgical assistant is being used across several procedures including urology, gynaecology, colorectal and cardiothoracic surgery.

The hospital says it has resulted in "vastly improved patient outcomes".

It says high definition visuals and movements with dextrous robotic arms and hands allow surgeons to perform procedures meticulously.

The hospital invested €2m in the da Vinci robot just over seven years ago.

It says more than 1,600 prostatectomies have been robotic assisted to treat prostate cancer patients.

"The improved outcome for patients includes better quality of life post-op such as less incontinence and erectile dysfunction which are common issues after open prostatectomy surgeries", the hospital says.

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Surgeons have also performed over 150 hysterectomy surgeries with robotic assistance over the last four years.

The hospital says robotic assistance sees less scarring, a shorter stay in hospital and less blood loss and low level of post-operative pain.

Speaking about the milestone number of robotic assisted surgeries, consultant urologist Kiaran O’Malley said: "The da Vinci robot has helped us perform the largest number of high-precision surgeries in Ireland over the last three years.

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"The robotic system gives surgeons a magnified, three-dimensional view of the area being operated on allowing incredible precision while also maintaining the most minimally invasive type of surgery available.

"The results for our patients are less pain, less time spent in hospital, less scarring and quicker recovery times, which ultimately ensures improved clinical outcomes.

"Patients are increasingly opting for robotics as a surgical option because of the advantages that hi-tech, minimally invasive 3D surgery and intuitive movement provide, including more meticulous dissection and improved quality of life post-op."

The Mater Private Hospital has the largest robotic assisted surgery programme in Ireland.