Markets bet against a Fed rate hike

But they expect rates to rise in December...

Markets bet against a Fed rate hike

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Markets will be surprised if the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee decides to raise interest rates when it meets on Thursday.

A survey of experts from CNBC found that 90% expect the central bank to hold tight. However, 88% do believe that the move will come in December.

A number of Fed officials, including its chair Janet Yellen, have made comments in recent weeks which have suggested that an increase is coming.

However, the September job report in the US was shy of expectations as 151,000 jobs were created - this number was expected to be closer to 180,000.

While the Fed is politically independent, some investors reason that against the backdrop of poor job data it will not risk a market shock by raising rates, particularly so close to the Presidential election which will take place on November 8th.

There is a Fed meeting in November, but no forecasts are published and no press conference will be held.

Before the wave of economic uncertainty that hit markets in January of this year, the Fed had been on course for four rate increases in 2016 - so far there have been none.