Mariano Rajoy says he is open to "all possibilities" as Spain look to form a government

After another round of elections, further negotiations will be needed to reach a majority

Mariano Rajoy, PP, Spain,

Image: Paul White / AP/Press Association Images

After a second round of elections in Spain following the deadlock which resulted from the results in December, the country's political parties will need to once again negotiate to find a solution to that will create a stable government. 

Mariano Rajoy, leader of of the Partido Popular (PP) and caretaker Prime Minister, said on Monday that he was open to "all possibilities" as the country looks for a solution that will allow them to finally form a government. 

Although the PP fell short of the numbers needed for an absolute majority, they did improve on their showing from the December elections as they claimed 137 seats. However, they are once again in a deadlock, as the future of Spain and one of the biggest economies in Europe hangs in the balance. 

Rajoy stated that "the citizens have told us once again what they told us in December; negotiate, talk, and come to an agreement. The Partido Popular, which was the only party to secure an increase in their support from the voters from the December elections, remains ready to negotiate, to talk and to come to an agreement."

"Spain needs, and it needs it now, a government with consolidated parliamentary support, a government capable of generating confidence inside and outside Spain, and a stable government. During the electoral campaign, I asked for the vote of moderate Spaniards, and today I offer my hand to the moderate parties so that we can all do together what the Spanish people are asking of us."

Spain's acting Primer Minister and candidate of Popular Party Mariano Rajoy waves to his supporters next to his party members as they celebrate the results of their party during the national elections in Madrid, Spain, Sunday, June 26, 2016. Daniel Ochoa de Olza / AP/Press Association Images

Adding that he hopes there will be an agreement reached this time around, he said "it would be irresponsible to provoke a situation like the one we have just been through because the people have spoken, and they have done so clearly." 

Spokesperson for the Socialist Party (PSOE) in the Spanish Congress, Antonio Hernando Vera, stated that the support Rajoy is looking for however will not come from them, and would need to be found among like-minded parties.

Hernando Vera added that Rajoy can thank Pablo Iglesias, the Secretary-General of Podemos, for the situation they have arrived at and that while the PSOE will not support the PP, neither will they abstain and allow a minority government to be formed.

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