Man shot during anti-Trump protests in Portland

Demonstrations have been taking place across the county following the election

Man shot during anti-Trump protests in Portland

Protesters are told to get out of the street by police as they march against the election of President-elect Donald Trump in Atlanta. | Image: AP Photo/David Goldman

A man has been injured in a shooting during an anti-Trump protest in Portland, Oregon.

Portland police say the man was shot in the early morning hours of Saturday November 12th on Portland's Morrison Bridge. It is believed that a suspect in a vehicle became involved in a confrontation with a protester. before getting out and firing multiple shots.

His injuries are not said to be life-threatening. Police asked people to leave the area on Twitter, as well as calling for witnesses.

Thousands of protesters took their frustrations over Donald Trump's election as the next US president onto the streets on Friday and into Saturday in several cities.

Hundreds of protesters also marched through the streets of Los Angeles, blocking traffic as they waved signs in opposition of Trump and chanted "We reject the president elect" and "Whose streets? Our Streets".

Several thousand activists marched through downtown Miami, with a few hundred making their way onto a highway, halting traffic in both directions.

In New York, demonstrators again gathered in Washington Square Park and by Trump Tower, where the Republican president-elect lives, on Fifth Avenue.

Trump, who initially denounced Americans who protested against his election, saying they had been "incited" by the media, reversed course and praised them on Friday.

"Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!" Trump said on Twitter.