Man shot dead on UK motorway by police

It was part of planned operation by Yorkshire police

Man shot dead on UK motorway by police

Image: Joe Giddens PA Archive/PA Images

Updated: 13:38

A man shot by police in Huddersfield near the M62 motorway in England has been identified as 27-year-old Mohammed Yassar Yaqub, according to Sky sources.

He was shot during a "pre-planned" operation around 6pm, a spokesman said.

Images from the scene showed a silver Audi with bullet holes in its windscreen and bonnet.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed there were five arrests during the operation - three at the scene and another two from a related stop of another vehicle in the Chain Bar area of Bradford at around the same time.

Several of those arrested needed hospital treatment for injuries "not related to firearm discharge", but no officers were hurt, a force spokesman said.

The case is being referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which said its investigators were at the scene.

On its Twitter account, the IPCC said: "The man's family has been informed. This is the early stage of the investigation and we will provide further updates when we have them."

No officers were injured in the incident.

Gemma Wilson, Lindley Councillor, told Sky News: "I assumed at first it was a crash but realised if it was, it was a major one due to the volume of police in the area and the wide area that was cordoned off.

"It was obviously concerning to see so many police cars as clearly something serious had happened so close to home."

"I saw about five or six police cars around the roundabout," she added.

The identity of the dead man has not been released and police are yet to confirm any further details about the operation.

West Yorkshire Police are "fully cooperating" with the IPCC investigation, he added.