Major anti-racism campaign launched on public transport

The Immigrant Council of Ireland says under-reporting of racist incidents is a huge problem

Major anti-racism campaign launched on public transport

Launch of the Join us on the Journey campaign

A new anti-racism campaign has been launched across Ireland's public transport network this afternoon.

The campaign features hundreds of commuters standing in solidarity against racism.

Over 1,000 selfies, donated by passengers, have been amalgamated to form portraits of male and female migrants to create the artwork for the push.

Brian Killoran, CEO of the Immigrant Council of Ireland said the message is simple: "racism has no place on public transport or in our society."

He said under-reporting of racist incidents remains a huge problem in Ireland.

"We hope that in the future there will be a better recording mechanism around racism in Ireland," he said.

"We have done it ourselves form a non-Governmental point of view in the past.

"In some years we have had 250 or 300 reports to us, which we would say is only a snapshot of what is happening out there.

"But unfortunately over the last number of years we haven't had the resources to do that, even the reporting of it - which is really problematic because if people don't report things, we don't know the scale of the problem and we can't respond properly to it."

The campaign, run by Transport for Ireland in partnership with the Immigrant Council of Ireland is now entering its sixth year.

Sammy Akorede has worked for Luas operator Transdev for the last 14 years - and was once physically assaulted in a racist attack:

"Virtually every day we encounter a series of abuses," he said.

"Minor ones, like people calling you names and then walking off, to more serious ones in terms of gravity.

"From minor abuses to physical attack."

More than 1,600 posters will be displayed across the transport system over the next two weeks.