Madonna insists 'only I can tell my story' amid biopic plans

The popstar appeared to criticise efforts to make a film focusing on her early career in New York

Madonna insists 'only I can tell my story' amid biopic plans

Picture by: Yui Mok/PA Wire/PA Images

Madonna has insisted "only I can tell my story" amid reports that a biopic about the superstar is in the works.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the script - entitled Blond Ambition - focuses on the singer's experiences in New York in the 1980s as she works on her first album.

The script, written by Elyse Hollander, is reported to have been picked up by Universal, several months after the screenplay topped last year's 'black list' (a ranking of popular but unproduced Hollywood scripts).

The screenplay is said to focus on her struggles "in a business that treats women badly, while also dealing with a burgeoning love life and the first hints of fame".

However, Madonna appeared to criticise the idea in an Instagram post - albeit without referring directly to the project.

She wrote: "Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen. Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool.

"Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society," she added.

The popstar released her debut, self-titled album in 1983. It featured hits including Holiday and Everybody, and was followed a year later by her iconic Like A Virgin album.

Madonna herself has been actively involved in the film industry, starring in films such as Evita and Desperately Seeking Susan. She also directed several films, including 2011's W.E.