Macaulay Culkin reprises his Home Alone role for very dark short movie

Kevin McCallister has lived a troubled life, it would seem

via Ace Show Biz

macaulay culkin

While we all love and enjoy those two Home Alone movies (there was actually five, but we're ignoring the last three), if you sit down and think about, the plot was actually quite traumatizing.

Not only did Kevin's parents leave him all alone at Christmas for a week, but they do it again two years later when he accidentally winds up in lost in New York by himself. 

Macaulay Culkin's character would most likely need all the therapy available to properly deal with that feeling of abandonment, and from the look of the short movie below, it doesn't seem like he's quite gotten over it.

Warning: the language is very NSFW...

The first episode of a new comedy shorts webseries called :DRYVRS created and written by Jack Deshel, the series will follow Jack as an Uber-type passenger, and all of the strange different drivers he encounters along his journeys.

Culkin plays his first driver, who has clearly allowed the darkness of the Home Alone series to cloud his mind, although he's still pretty handy when it comes to bringing the pain to any wrong-doers.