MH370 flight search could be suspended

The Malaysian Airlines Flight went missing in 2014 during a flight from Lumpur to Beijing

Australia, China and Malaysia have said they will 'suspend' the search for flight MH370 if the plane is not found in the current area.

The Malaysian Airlines Flight went missing on March 8th 2014, during a flight from Lumpur to Beijing, with 239 passengers and crew on board.

Yesterday it emerged that the airplane could have crashed north of the current search area.

The 120,000 square kilometer search-site is off the coast of western Australia.

A statement issued to the relatives recently said that if the plane is not found in the current search area, and without any new information about its possible location, the hunt for the plane "would not end, but be suspended".

This comes following a meeting in Kuala Lumpur involving Ministers from Malaysia, China and Australia.