London's famous Piccadilly Lights go dark until autumn

The existing screens are being replaced with a single, digital one

London's famous Piccadilly Lights go dark until autumn

What the new Piccadilly Lights will look like | Image: Land Securities

It is considered to be one of London's most famous landmarks - the lights at Piccadilly.

But they have now gone dark for several months as part of a major upgrade.

The existing screens will be replaced with Europe's largest single digital screen.

The new screen will keep its curved shape, surface area and its ability to have a patchwork appearance.

Land Securities, which own the the Piccadilly Lights, say advertisers will be able to rotate between six full-motion sections.

Image: Land Securities

While another option is for single-brand takeovers of the complete screen.

The new-look is scheduled to go live in autumn 2017.

But until that time the screens will be kept behind a protective banner covering the site.

Land Securities say the changes are to bring the display up to date for the next decade.

The lights have only been turned off in the past during World War II, for Winston Churchill's funeral in 1965 and Princess Diana's funeral in 1997.