Limerick mayor slammed for plan to ban biscuits and buns

City's new municipal mayor told to "get his mammy to make him a packed lunch"

A Limerick Councillor has ridiculed calls from the city's new metropolitan mayor to ban biscuits, cream buns and scones from council meetings.

Seán Lynch - who was elected Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Limerick in late June - wants to introduce a healthier spread to tackle the council's cravings.

Mr Lynch has insisted the councillors need to set an example - and warned that the current options on the table could lead to health problems and diabetes.

However the plans have been panned by rival councillors with Independent representative John Gilligan insisting that if somebody wants a bun or a biscuit - they are entitled to have one.

"I know that Sean is on health kick and the best of luck to him but just because he has decided he wants to do it; to deny everybody else is just sounds absolutely ridiculous.

"We are talking about a scone and a cup of tea," he said. "If he wants that he can get his mammy to make him a sandwich for him and wrap it up and he can bring it in himself.

"The rest of us are quite happy with just having a cup of coffee or a cup of tea - and if it's a biscuit or a scone then take it for god's sake.

"If you don't want to eat a scone, don't eat a scone."

Cllr Gilligan was Mayor of Limerick between 2008 and 2009.