Lena Dunham makes apology over off-the-cuff abortion joke

The 'Girls' star made the controversial comments on the latest episode of her 'Women of the Hour' podcast

Lena Dunham makes apology over off-the-cuff abortion joke

[Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP]

The American writer and actress Lena Dunham has apologised for what she has described as a “tasteless joke” about abortion she made on her popular podcast, Women of the Hour.

In a recent episode of the show, Dunham discussed the legal right of women in the US to access abortion services, something which has been a vocal supporter of. Speaking about being asked by another woman to take part in a project involving women giving accounts of their own experiences with abortions, Dunham ended the anecdote by quipping, “I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.”

The comment provoked a backlash on social media, with Twitter users accusing the Girls star of demeaning the difficult decisions women make when faced with an unwanted or unviable pregnancy.

Responding to her critics onInstagram, Dunham said: “I would never, ever intentionally trivialise the emotional and physical challenges of terminating a pregnancy.

“My goal is to increase awareness and decrease stigma.

“I know plenty of people will never like a thing that leaves my lips... but this apology is for women who have placed their trust in me.

“You mean everything to me.”

Dunham also revealed that has since made a financial donation to charity following the comments on her Women of the Hour podcast.

“You know how in some households you curse and have to put money in a jar? Well in mine, if you mess up your pro-choice messaging toy have to give a sizeable donation to abortions funds.”

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