GE16 Leaders' Debate: What you had to say

39% believed Michael Martin was the winner

Last night saw the four main party leaders go head-to-head for the first debate of the general election campaign.

Crime, housing and abortion were among the main topics up for discussion.

According to a Newstalk Twitter poll, 39% of you believed Michael Martin came away the winner.

This was followed by Gerry Adams at 31%, Enda Kenny at 23% and Joan Burton at 7%.

Twitter says over 35,000 tweets were sent during the debate last night.

Source: Twitter

The analysis, commissioned by Newstalk, showed that the rate of tweets during the programme was on average 380 tweets per minute.

It also found that Fine Gael and Labour were the most talked parties about during the debate.

Source: Twitter

And Mr Kenny and Ms Burton were the most talked about party leaders.

However, these comments could be positive or negative.

Source: Twitter

Twitter was most active around the debate at 10.15pm, with comments about Joan Burton's 'shouting' which drove a spike in online discussions - with a peak of 524 tweets per minute.

The second most popular moment was at 9.31pm, when Ms Burton attacked Gerry Adams early on in the debate with 522 tweets per minute.

Another topic of discussion was at 9.46pm with 505 tweets per minute when Mr Adams told Micheál Martin to 'catch yourself on' in response to Martin raising the issue of the BBC Spotlight programme.

However, the list of top tweets would indicate that engagement around the debate centred mostly around the leaders’ performance, rather than issues.

And here is some of what you had to say, which contains some strong language: