Last-known 9/11 rescue dog dies in US aged 16

Bretagne was given a 'hero's goodbye' at a vet's office in Texas yesterday

Last-known 9/11 rescue dog dies in US aged 16

Image: Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department

A rescue dog believed to have been the last known living 9/11 rescue dog has died in the US aged 16.

Bretagne was only two years old when she was involved in the New York rescue operation in 2001 with her handler Denise Corliss.

The dog, who had been retired from active service several years ago, was put down at a vet's office in Texas yesterday.

The Houston Chronicle reports the golden retriever was given a 'hero's goodbye' by two dozen firefighters and members of rescue teams.

In a statement, Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department (CFVFD) said: "Although Bretagne retired from active duty at the age of 10, she continued to serve her community, often serving as an ambassador for the CFVFD at public events, and assisting other search dogs in their training.

"For the past 3 years, until just a few weeks ago [...] she would visit a first grade classroom and listen to young readers, providing a non-judgmental ear, and soft paw. She also visited students with special needs, such as autism

The statement adds: "Her calm demeanor and warm heart helped the young and old through their own difficult moments".