Teachers stage Dáil protest as they face pay freeze over Lansdowne Road

Gardaí and teachers have not yet signed up to the deal

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Members of the secondary school teachers union, the ASTI, are holding a rally outside the Dáil this afternoon.

Along with gardaí they are losing out on pay rises for public servants from today, after refusing to back the Lansdowne Road pay agreement.

Some 30,000 gardaí and secondary school teachers are losing out on pay restoration for public servants, which came into effect today.

It is because the ASTI, GRA and AGSI have not signed up to the pay agreement - the successor to Haddington Road.

Under the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (FEMPI), organisations that have not signed up to the Lansdowne Road agreement face a pay freeze.

The unions say the Government did not deliver on all promises in Haddington Road, including a pay review for gardaí.

The garda organisations representing sergeants and inspectors is to re-ballot on Lansdowne Road, and has recommended acceptance.

But so far, the main secondary teachers union has stood firm and warns of strikes and school closures in the autumn if the issue of pay for newly qualified teachers is not dealt with.

Kieran Christie is the general-secretary of the ASTI.

He told Newstalk Lunchtime pay scales for teachers is a big stumbling block.