Katie Hopkins goes after Women's March

She is also asking critics to give Donald Trump 100 days

Katie Hopkins goes after Women's March

Katie Hopkins outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London | Image: Philip Toscano PA Wire/PA Images

Columnist Katie Hopkins has criticised women who took part in marches after Donald Trump's inauguration in Washington.

Hopkins attended the inauguration last week, which saw a massive Women's March the following day.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world came out to raise issues seen to be under threat under his presidency.

She spoke to the Pat Kenny Show here on Newstalk, tweeting this colourful introduction for herself:

Hopkins says American voters cannot complain now.

"If you sign up to the system, if you have to kind of suck it up - the results.

"The women's march on Washington that I went out to watch from the sidewalk: you see them protesting and...one of the chants was 'Tell me what democracy looks like?' and then the other women would shout back: 'This is what democracy looks like'.

"And I was looking around thinking 'No, this is a million women in silly hats, this is not democracy - actually the electoral college is democracy'.

"But I didn't want to point it out to them cause they all had pictures of vagina's on their t-shirts, and it didn't seem like quite the time".

'More of that sort of leadership'

British Prime Minister Theresa May will become the first foreign leader to meet with the US president.

She will travel to Washington this week to meet Mr Trump.

Sources say she will be looking to explore how to boost US-UK migration, as part of their talks over an early trade deal.

However negotiations on any such deal cannot begin until after Britain's exit from the European Union.

On Brexit itself, Hopkins says: "Nearly nine months later, do we really need a slight break or do we need more of the sort of leadership that we're seeing from Donald Trump?

"Within four days of becoming president he's already issued four or five executive orders, making things happen.

"Why can't we make things happen? Why must we break?".

UK apology for Trump

She says Mrs May should be saying something else to Mr Trump as well.

"Theresa May needs to know her place here - has she ever won an election? No. Has she even gone against the odds, backed herself with her own money, and won? No. Does she see what Donald Trump actually stands for?

"Donald Trump has more women employed in the upper echelons of his real estate empire than he does men.

"His campaign manager fore the first time in Republican history is a woman, who is now his chief counselor.

"He is the man that wants to bring in maternity leave for American women.

"So it's surprising what I think Trump is doing for women, and I think Theresa May needs to go over there (and) apologise for the appalling way the British people have treated Donald Trump, apologise for the politicians who threatened to ban the 45th president from our country - and say that she stands next to him".